Teamwork AR 

Teamwork AR™ is a feature-rich augmented reality collaboration suite; available for iOS, Android and Desktop platforms.


It provides immediate, immersive engagement that can be customized to the needs of the individual participant, providing memorable collaboration experiences that have not been possible before.

Field Optimized, Useful Everywhere

From pitching that spark of an idea to a client, to global cooperation on a project, giving product demonstrations, personalized training, or connecting techs in the field to subject matter experts- Teamwork AR can be used every step of the way.  Optimized for the field, yet also a powerful conferencing and educational tool.

Improve Agent and Field Tech Productivity

Delivers reliable augmented reality object placement and content sharing into the world of your workspace

Powerful video conferencing with a full range of augmented reality tools for all participants including language translation capabilities

Dynamic content libraries, customized to your project. Curate and store engagements for training purposes or review

Object recognition and animated 3D modelling will give your team the edge of immersive, hands-on collaboration 

Integration with eLearning material and the ability to track status