Teamwork AR for Wearables

For safety reasons, hands-free operation is often mandatory. Teamwork AR for Wearables™ extends the core collaboration and just-in-time learning ability to environments where hands-free is preferred. 

Hands-Free Collaboration

Pair the Teamwork AR app with industry leading devices like Realwear’s HMT-1™ and the Vuzix Blade™ to put collaboration and learning in scope instantly with the edge of augmented reality. Teamwork AR for Wearables enables users to get real-time updates of information so that work can be performed more effectively, and safely – with obstruction-free use.

Connected to What You Need

Collaborate with real-time video chat and picture sharing with remote experts

Connectivity with devices like computers (over WebRTC) and smart devices (iOS and Android) to place augmented reality to the wearer’s display

Curate and store engagements for compliance purposes or review

Access 3D model simulations and precise learning content tailored for your wearable