The Story

Communication is everything for a team's success. Whether it is repeat truck rolls in the field or repeat conference calls that are easy to tune out, miscommunications are a drain on productivity and innovation. They create added logistics, added costs and decrease your customer's satisfaction with your product or service.

The Vision

Bringing the knowledge and experience of your most highly skilled people without having them travel to location saves time, money and jet lag. Imagine being able to give a virtual product demonstration without the time spent shipping a sample. What if your team could have interactive eLearning available immediately, wherever they are?

The Technology

A presenter with a mobile device connects with collaborators virtually. The power of augmented reality allows the off-site collaborators to see the presenter's environment and interact by drawing, placing symbols and manipulating virtual objects. By creating a more immersive, hands-on experience, everyone feels more engaged. A team that feels more connected communicates better.


The Teamwork AR™ ecosystem of products give your team the edge of augmented reality to deliver value to customers, employees and stakeholders.

It is accessible on iOS, Android, desktop and wearable platforms, enabling any member of your team to join the collaboration.

Augmented reality is here to stay and its usage is exploding. Do you want to find out how it can improve your workflow and accelerate your team's success?

How it works


Teamwork AR is a collaboration app
that helps people in different geographic areas collaborate to resolve issues and share innovative ideas with a hands-on approach in the real world. This is facilitated by an augmented reality shared camera, with the device of the presenter being the "eye" and the the remote devices of the collaborators acting as the "brain". 


Use Teamwork AR for anywhere you need the immediate presence of an expert, instant access to interactive learning, or immersive conferencing. It also allows for product demonstrations, installation or repair steps to re-enact in the smart devices camera screen - via augmented reality and 3D model playback.


What is Augmented Reality?

A technology that usually makes use of the camera in a mobile device to overlay images, interactive elements, text or video onto whatever the camera has in its field of view. It is able to enhance or add to reality by providing a greater level of immersion or information than would otherwise be possible.

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